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Going on a Tour in China ^_^

I'm going on a trip tomorrow. Many thanks to my grandparents who invited me along for the tour. I'm kinda excited for it. It's going to be my second time in China. My last visit was like five years ago. I went to Xiamen, my ancestors homeland! Yup, my great-great grannies originated there. Xiamen's quite a peaceful place. I'd like to visit there again.

But this time we're going to SHANGHAI!!! ^_^

And I heard that it's still pretty cold this time around. Well, not that it matters. I'm just gonna enjoy myself to the fullest. I love travelling.

Unless I find a good WiFi connection over there, I can't guarantee being online for the next few days. It'll only be a short while.

I'm gonna be back on the 21st on March. :D


Leaving for 10 Days

Hi! What's up?! Just here to inform you guyz that I'll be leaving for Manila tomorrow morning. I won't be back till November 13. Now don't go lookin' for me, ya hear? :D

I'll try to find some Internet Cafe to catch up on the updates and whatnot. I'm gonna miss being around. I'm gonna bring along my PSP, two pocket books, and my IPOD to save me from boredom from time to time.
I'll try to finish Final Fantasy II, The 20th Anniversary Edition. I've already started last week after I finished Final Fantasy IV: The After Years.

So if you guys are interested in commish, just drop me a note and I'll to reply to ya as soon as I can. See you in 10 Days!!!

Cosplay Feature on OtakuCosplayPH.com

This is the first time I was interviewed as a COSPLAYER for a feature article on http://www.otakucosplayph.com. The interview was done by a friend of mine on Facebook, Cee Corleone. I really didn't expect it, but I was so happy. I've only started to cosplay last June during the MCTV Awesome Otaku Fest 2011. I've participated in the event as a judge, though I wanted to be a contestant as well.

Featured Photo

Here are the following questions asked during the interview:

  • Why do you cosplay?
  • When did you start cosplaying?
  • What inspired you to cosplay?
  • What characters have you cosplayed?
  • What is your best experience in cosplaying.
  • What is your message to other cosplayers?
I had a lot to say, but I was having trouble finding the right words. There's so much to Cosplaying that I want to talk about because it's been a dream of mine. I've started out with a very simple Cosplay of Ryoma-sama, and I already have plans of cosplaying much more complicated characters in the future.

The article is already up and ready to be read on this link:

Final Fantasy Reminiscence

1. At what age did you start playing Final Fantasy?
  • About 10 Years Old or 9 I think... I was very young.

2. What was the first Final Fantasy Game you ever played?
  • Final Fantasy Tactics (PS) ^_^

3. Did you enjoy it? Why?
  • The overall pacing of Tactics was just awesome. Everything fits into place and there was never a dull moment. I adore the cute little character designs. The job classes were interesting, and you'll have fun leveling up and customizing the characters as you please. This is a game that really works your mind, as you come up with strategies to outplay your opponents. The nature of this game is very challenging yet very rewarding. It also stands out when it comes to the plot and character developments. This is probably the first game where I learned about royal politics, treachery, murder, social rank and its importance, and true heroism. Your characters in the game aren't the only ones who will be gaining experience throughout the story, but the player controlling them as well. Final Fantasy Tactics is truly a remarkable RPG experience for me.

4. How many times did you play it?
  • I played it over five times. I seriously got addicted to the game. I can't resist the awesome gameplay, epic story, and my cute Ramza!

5. Who are your favorite characters there? (Rank them)
  • 1st: Ramza Beoulve
  • 2nd: Agrias Oaks
  • 3rd: Delita Heiral
  • 4th: Alma Beoulve
  • 5th: Princess Ovelia Atkascha

6. Why do you favor the 1st ranked the most?

  • I feel like I can somehow relate to the hero. I've grown up to believe that heroes are strong, benevolent, and brave. My image for them is akin to a knight in shining armor. However, it was in Ramza that I first saw another side of a hero. Ramza was not the typical hero, that was for sure, and he wasn't a special fighter or a powerhouse for that matter. He has his flaws and strengths. There were times he was portrayed as a coward. He ran away after Tietra's death, instead of returning to House Beoulve to face discipline. He wasn't the kind of hero who would just chase villains, then save the world like most would do. Ramza was aware of his lack of power to do anything. Ramza chose to save himself.
  • His development took a realistic approach. Unlike with other heroes, who'd learned EPIC moves and skills, Ramza grew more as a warrior relying on his talents, communication skills, and his own physical strength. Ramza's goal in life changed as the story goes on, and he experienced failures and success from time to time.
  • Right from the start, Ramza simply wanted to protect others and to uphold the Beoulve name. After the death of Tietra, he becomes a hero to protect people from injustice, but he had no wish to change the world. He learns that a name is nothing if only used in spreading fear and injustice upon others. Then he is labeled as a heretic by the Church, but Ramza becomes a hero who fights more for others than for himself.
  • Ramza fights for what is right, even though his heroics won't be rewarded. He proves to others that true heroism are rarely recognized, but are important.

7. Who is the character you hate the most?
  • Algus Thadalfus

8. Does this game have a remake? In what platform?

  • Yes, it does!!! It's called Final Fantasy Tactics: The War of the Lions for PSP.

9. How many times did you play it?
  • I played it thrice. I enjoyed getting the secret characters and leveling up Ramza as a Dark Knight.

10. What are your other favorite Final Fantasy Games?

Oh, I like all of them, but there are some that I've really grown to love!
  • Dissidia 012 Final Fantasy
  • Final Fantasy Origins
  • Final Fantasy VI
  • Final Fantasy IV (Original, The Complete Collection)
  • Final Fantasy IX
  • Final Fantasy VII (Original, Crisis Core, Dirge of Cerberus)

MCTV Awesome Otaku Fest 2011

The first Anime Convention in Zamboanga City!!! All Otaku were totally excited for the event, including myself, and a bit anxious for what will unfold there. I never knew that the city had loads of Anime/Manga fans. Walking into that convention, I felt like I was at home. I was very comfortable there mingling with other fans. I had a blast that weekend. The event was held on June 11, 2011 at the Grand Astoria Hotel. There was a lot going on and there were a ton of nice, friendly people there.

Pics and more under the link ^_^. . . . .Collapse )
I can never forget the birthday of my favorite twins in the Anime world. They also happened to be my top two favorite characters in their series Mobile Suit Gundam SEED. Seven years ago I became a die-hard fan of that wonderful series and I have the twins to thank for that. Both characters are unique on their own and their relationship is very interesting. I like the chemistry between them. They're not your typical siblings for certain, but they have quirks that will make you enjoy them.

In honor of these two, here's a fanart of them in their SD/Chibi forms! Yup, they're wearing school uniforms here. It was kind of inspired from their ORB uniforms. I'm no expert in drawing when it comes to chibis, but I'm quite satisfied on how they came out.

Works under here...Collapse )

I'll miss you Grandma... T_T

My grandmother died a few days ago due to Cancer. It's like my world just came crashing down. My grandma has been with me since day one of my life. I can't believe she's really gone. She died on the same month as my grandfather did. I'm a bit happy for her since she'll be reuniting with him in Heaven, but I'm really going to miss her. I'll miss talking to her, I'll miss her cooking, her old jokes, and just having her around the house. Our household has been so depressed. I can't bear staying home all the time. And when I'm at home I'd usually do stuff to put me to ease. It's been really hard for me and my family, especially my dad.  *cries*

I pray for my grandmother's soul. I never saw her died, but I heard that she called out my name before her last breath.

Dear Lord,

Please bless the soul of my grandmother. She has been so good to me and I know she loved you. Thank you for giving me the opportunity to spend much time with her. Thank you for giving her life and love. May her soul be at peace in heaven with you. Care for her as she cared for me and others here on earth.



2-Week Vacation

I get to sit back and relax for two whole weeks. I'll be flying off to Manila tomorrow, then off to Boracay for three days of non-stop fun at the Beach. It's been a while since I've been to the beach. I hope I could get some inspiration there for my writing and arts. Well, since I'll be on vacation, I won't be able to be online everyday. Maybe I'll log in every now and then if I can get a good WiFi signal or find an Internet Cafe. I'll be bringing along my laptop anyway.

Okay, two weeks of vacation mean no updates and long hours online for a while. I'm gonna enjoy myself with my brother and cousins. See you guys later!!! ^_^

Future Plans, Updates, and Something....

Sad to say, my Bleach Fanfic Angelice will be going on Hiatus for a while due to various reasons. First of all, I am suffering from a major writer’s block for that story. Nothing just seems to motivate to write it. Secondly, I’m going to be really busy for the months of March and April, mostly with work and with requests. I have to finish up a fanfic I promised for my friend. It’ll be my birthday gift for her. No, it’s not going to be a Bleach story. It will be a Yu-Gi-Oh! GX fic, featuring FianceShipping (Jaden Yuki & Alexis Rhodes). I’m currently finishing up my art gift for my cousin too.

The GX fic will be multi-chaptered. A promise is a promise, and I’m more than willing enough to write it for my friend. The fic will also feature some promotional arts. Here are some important details about the fic.

Title: White Vow
Jaden Yuki (Judai Yuki) & Alexis Rhodes (Asuka Tenjoin)
Yu-Gi-Oh! GX
Romance, Drama, Action
15? (Not Sure about this one yet...)
Jaden Yuki is facing the most difficult challenge of his life. After losing a bet, he is forced to marry Alexis Rhodes, one of his closest friends. Struck with the notion of marriage and romance, hidden feelings began to surface and soon he becomes determined to win her heart.

Additional Details:

  • Ø  Duels will be featured throughout the story.
  • Ø  Present of dark themes.
  • Ø  Anime-only and Manga-only cards will be mixed into the character’s decks.
  • Ø  A character from the original series Yu-Gi-Oh! is going to have a prominent role.
  • Ø  Yup, there’s a love triangle too.

This is going to be my first time writing a GX fic. Good luck to me. ^_^

Bleach Fanfic: A Picture of Words

  • Ø  Another oneshot story will be updated soon. The spotlight is on Toushirou Hitsugaya and Karin Kurosaki, which was inspired by a beautiful fanart by e—l—m—o@DeviantArt.
  • Ø  The next oneshot will focus on Ishihime again. I will not spoil any details yet.


  • Ø  Birthday Gift Art (100% Completed)
  • Ø  IshiHime White Day Art (40% Completed) >_<
  • Ø  Crossover Art is coming soon (feat. my favorite female characters).
  • Ø  Yu-Gi-Oh! GX Vector Arts and Fanarts (still planning…)


Pray for Japan (Art)

Such a terrible tragedy and I sincerely pray for Japan. Every time I hear the news about them and see the images of destruction, my heart aches so much. Japan, fight on! Never give up!

I dedicate this art to Japan and her people. The featured character for this art is Marina Ismail of Mobile Suit Gundam 00. As a pacifist and a very compassionate person, Marina, in my opinion makes a perfect model for prayer here. And this is my first time drawing her.

Lord God, I humbly implore you to please watch over Japan and her people. Give them the strength to persevere, and save them from the suffering. Guide them in such moments of despair, help them rise up again. May you heal and protect them from further pain.

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